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Celebrate Women of the World, every day.

manos de mujer unidas 8 M

8th of March.

A day marked in the calendar. A day that aims to give voice to an issue that is permanent and that is part of our day-to-day reality. 

On the International Women’s Day, people (because yes, it’s not only a matter that involves women) stand up and make more visible the goals that apply for the whole year. On this 2020, the worldwide campaign has the slogan #EachForEqual. The aim is to tackle 6 main areas:

  1. Championing women forging tech innovation
  2. Applauding equality for women athletes
  3. Forging inclusive workplaces so women thrive
  4. Supporting women to earn on their own terms
  5. Empowering women through health education
  6. ​Increasing visibility for female creatives

From Mallorca Urban Adventures we want to give visibility to all women in the world. Every. Single. Day. We want to be part of the people who fight for what’s right, to give voice to everyone equally and to live in a world where opportunities are not related at all with your gender, sexuality, interests or any other feature that can differ from individual to individual. 

mujeres unidas, sorority, 8M

We do not have to wait until the 8 of March of every year to support women around the world. 

Here are some tips you can introduce to your daily life to help increase awareness, every day of your life:

  1. Buy books written by female writers
  2. Listen to music/go to concerts from female musicians (not only the ones that are on the radio nowadays. There are many more!)
  3. Support local entrepreneurs, in online business, in your town or when you travel. Doing a little research is easy to find a lot!
  4. Watch more films directed by female directors. 


When you come to Mallorca, here are some cool spots that you can visit that are managed by women. Also, some online businesses that are owned and managed by wonderful girls!


  • Merchezafor. Graphic designer and illustrator. She makes the cutest designs full of love. Everything from ceramics, to agendas, and even personalized accessories for babies. You can check her out on her Instagram: @merchezafor and her website.


  • Barbara’s Bakery. Bakery owned by Ms Barbara Backenköhler, that started in the northern town of Pollença, now opens a new establishment in Palma to delight everyone in the city with their delicious cakes, coffees and cosy atmosphere. You can find them on their Instagram account: @barbarasbakery.


  • Malafolla Crew. Three empowered women who are designers, illustration-makers and artist who create other stunning pieces of art, always sending a meaningful message. Do not miss them out in their Instagram @malafollacrew and their website

women together empowered 8 march

Do you know more entrepreneur women? Let the community know in the comments below!