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Happy ‘Dia de les Illes Balears’!

Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, Spain

You may be wondering what ‘Dia de les Illes Balears’ means. I got you. Literally translated means ‘Balearic Islands Day’. Easy, right? 

Today is a special day. Mallorca and our sister islands (Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera) are celebrating the day that became a self-contained autonomus community in 1986. Since then, every year on each island special events are organized to enhance the local culture and celebrations. 

Interesting fact: Did you know that, in Spain, there are 17 autonomous communities in total?

To celebrate this occasion, the government facilitates the visits between towns by providing free public transportation, and encourages locals and visitors to enjoy museums, art galleries and monuments at no cost! 

You can check the full program on the official website. It’s in Catalan and Spanish!

Additionally, in every Balearic Island you can find exhibitions of the local traditions such as ‘slingshotman’ (in mallorquin: foners), who defended the island of Mallorca from pirates using only slings (see picture below) and their strength. 

Foner Mallorquí - Balearic Islands


Do you want to know more in-depth all about Mallorcan history? You can do it, while enjoying the most beautiful monuments of the city (Palma), in our Cathedral and Backstreets Tour.

If you are more of a foodie person, you are lucky: you will be able to try some of our local specialities. Amongst them, you can find:

  • Ensaimada: it’s a ‘seashell-shaped’ pastry, made traditionally with pork lard (instead of butter or oil). Do not worry: it doesn’t taste like it at all. Indeed, it gives the pastry the perfect texture to make your mouth melt. 

Traditional Mallorcan Pastries - Ensaimada

  • Robiol: half-moon shaped pastry, with sweet dough on the outside and different fillings on the inside, such as custard cream, apricot mermelade or ‘brossat’! (ricotta-style cheese).

traditional mallorcan pastries - robiol and crespell

  • Cocarroi: a different half-moon shaped pastry, this time savoury. The original recipe has a variety of vegetables inside (including cabbage and spinach) and a sweet touch provided by raisins. They offer this pastry with either sweet or savoury dough (the inside is always savoury). I suggest you try both versions! 

traditional mallorcan cocarrois

  • Panada: the queen of the ‘empanadas’. In Mallorca, we make the dough with pork lard again (yes, we use a lot of pork!) and the filling is typically meat with green peas and a pinch of ‘sobrassada’. You can find different versions, though: only with meat, with Chicken instead or with lamb. 

traditional mallorcan food - empanades

How many of them did you know already?

Do not miss the opportunity to try them homemade from all the fresh-food markets you will find around Palma and in every other town. 

We hope you join this experience and that you enjoy getting involved with the locals, sharing our passion.