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Hiking in Mallorca: yes, please!


Sun. Breeze. Laidback environment. Blue skies. Green mountains. 

I am D O W N for it– and I am pretty sure you are, too. 

In the beautiful island of Mallorca, we are lucky enough to have all of it: the Tramuntana Mountains (Natural Heritage protected by the UNESCO) on the western side, the breath-taking coastline in the south-east (Cala d’Or, Cala Pi…) and the north-east (Alcúdia, Son Serra de Marina…). Endless possibilities. 

But one of the highlights when it comes to things to do here… that is hiking. Where you can enjoy all of it, at once. Start in a beautiful, charming and fairytale-like town, get lost (not literally, please) during your hike through the mountains, and end-up contemplating the sea.

To make your range of choices a bit easier, we have selected our most-recommended and most-accessible trails for you to enjoy. We want to offer you a selection of trails valid for every level of hiker, and to enjoy both the mountain area and the seaside.


This is our selection of walking trails:

  • El barranc de Biniariax

Located in the Sóller area, this hike is ‘medium’ difficulty, and it takes 3,5h only one way. Keep that in mind! If you are lucky enough and after a rainy season, the views of the river will be spectacular. You will start the hike in the small town of Biniaraix, and the signs will guide you throughout the way. The end-point of this hike is the water reservoir of Cúber.
You can find a full description of the train on this website (in Spanish).

  • De S’Esglaieta a Establiments.

Easy walk, mostly flat, in the interior area of Mallorca. It takes 1h 15 minutes to complete (one way) which is approximately 5,5 km. The walk starts in the small county of s’Esglaieta, and you have to start to make your way towards Esporles – La Granja. Once you are there, turning left on the slightly paved path, which will lead you to Establiments. In this trial, you do not get to see the seaside. Find out more about it here

  • Parc Natural de Mondragó.

In the south-east area, you will be walking around a natural area, very close to the sea at all time. This hiking trail is very easy and quick to walk (1h 30min back and forth). It is totally worthy thanks to the protected area in which you will be, and the beauty found in every corner. The details about it are explained on this page

Calò des Moro Mallorca Hiking Trail

Whichever trail you decide to walk, be very mindful with your waste and the local flora & fauna

But our number one; one of the best hikes in Mallorca, the one that has it all… that, we cannot tell you. You will have to come and experience it yourself. 

If you are interested, in our Sky to Sea tour, we will tell you all the secrets hidden along this path. Experience a different side of Mallorca with your knowledgeable tour guide. We will guide you, share with you numerous tips to enjoy the island at its best, try together traditional Mallorcan food, and… well. You will see the rest. 

Banyalbufar views - hiking in Mallorca

Yes, it’s as breathtaking as it sounds, and not only because of the effort.