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How to be a Respectful Traveler in Mallorca

Do you often wonder how you could make the destination you are visiting have a positive impact thanks to your visit? Or at least think about how you should do it so as not to cause a negative impact?  Responsible tourism seeks to minimize the negative impacts on the ecosystem, economy, society and culture of…

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The Best Time to Travel to Mallorca

Temperature and rainfall are interesting facts to be considered before travelling to a destination. Who likes it to rain on their holidays? And furthermore, in Mallorca, which is famous for having good weather and lots of sun… imagine if you just have bad weather in your short stay here… bad plan! So, in this article,…

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Celebrate Love and enjoy Valentine’s day in Mallorca

Which is the strongest power in the world? Oh! Love! Love can move masses, it can heal people, pave a complicated path or soften the hearts of the toughest. Love conquers all. However,  let’s see: love really should be celebrated every day of the year, every day of our lives but, by Christian custom, we…

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What can Mallorca offer to your customers?

The island of Mallorca is plenty of options and plans to enjoy it to the fullest! Thanks to its climate, this destination is one of the bests, not only for summer holidays but also for spring, fall and Christmas season. Moreover, Mallorca is also well prepared to receive and take care of different types of…

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What is Mallorca Urban Adventures?

Who are we? Mallorca Urban Adventures is a tour leader company that bets for responsible tourism. It belongs to a mother company, Urban Adventures, which is spread out all over the world and looks for the real local experiences and the local benefit. Every destination of Urban Adventures has a headquarter where locals experts dedicate…

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We are launching our Blog!

From Mallorca Urban Adventures we want to share all the information, curiosities, interesting news, facts, stories, tours… We have so many things to tell and propose, that we have decided to open this blog! In our blog, we will offer quality content related to the island, sustainable tourism, local traditions and festivities, typical cuisine, places…

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