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Clean a Beach and Reduce Your Footprint

Discover how to reduce your footprint, help a local foundation to work on the Mediterranean regeneration, learn how plastic and microplastic affect the sea and the ecosystems...and clean a local beach from the microplastics brought by the stream.

This activity can be developed as a teambuilding activity as well and we can divide your group into smaller teams for the plastic
recollection. But first of all, we would chat with your group to explain why we are doing it and how we can act to reduce our footprint.

Part of the price of this activity will go as a donation to Save the Med Foundation which is working for: educating new generations about
ecosystems and how plastics affect it; scientific research and sea regeneration.

Inclusions: Material to collect plastics under safe conditions, material for the explanations, one soft drink or water per person, 1 guide every 20 people, permissions for the activity.
Exclusions: Transfers.

Contact Us

Office phone number: +34 717 702 820
Email address: [email protected]