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Fun Games Where You Are

Let's have fun with our colleagues! Not everything is work, work and work. Sharing and laughing out of the office has demonstrated been beneficial for your workers and furthermore grows the relation among them. Let the team cooperation raise!

Are you looking for fun and sportive activities for your team to get together and work towards your company’s goal? We would be happy to set them up for you.

Let us know if you are celebrating an anniversary, launching a new product, enjoying a well-deserved break for your team, or any other aspect that we can take into consideration when preparing the activities and the rules
for the tests. You can work in a team for a final prize or all together.

We will book a guide for every 5 to 10 members of the team, depending on the complexity of the games/activities, and adapt to your preferred venue. If you would like to combine this team-building with other activities, we would suggest a short hike or a food tasting, so your team can start enjoying some time together without set targets.

Inclusions: 1 Local English-Spanish guide every 15 persons, material for games, prize.
Exclusions: Location, transfers.

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