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Palma Multiactivity

Interested in exploring Palma but not sure about a classical tour? Dynamically, discover the centre with your group.

We can create 4 or more stops and divide your group into 4 or more groups. So your team can enjoy different activities while exploring the Palma centre. The activities can vary depending on your timing and budget.

We can offer you: wine, beer or vermouth tasting; Spanish ham (jamón Iberico) tasting; hierbas tasting or workshop at the Arab baths garden; street art minitour; local pastry tasting, Cathedral entrance minitour; mini cooking class; traditional dance class; Ensaïmada show and more. To make it dynamic the stops can last 30 – 45 minutes. Each mini-group would be with a historical guide to make sure the group can enjoy all the stops and doesn’t get lost.

Inclusions: Wine tasting (sommelier, space rental, wine); Hierbas workshop (guide, space rental, hierbas material, hierbas tasting); Cathedral entrance; Street Art guide; historical guides (1 each 15 people).
Exclusions: Transfers.

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Office phone number: +34 717 702 820
Email address: [email protected]